Is the AFOQT Harder Than the ASVAB?

The ASVAB is required for all branches of the military while the AFOQT is administered only by the Air Force.
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If you're considering entering into one of the branches of the armed services, you must first take and pass one of two required aptitude tests. The ASVAB, taken by anyone wishing to enlist in any branch of the military, and the AFOQT, strictly for those who want to become an officer in the Air Force, both test your knowledge in various ways. The AFOQT is considered more difficult as it is a more specialized test.

1 So What's the Difference?

The Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, or AFOQT, is used to select applicants for specialized assignments such as the Air Force Reserve and Officer Training School. The AFOQT is strictly for those who are interested in entering the Air Force as an officer. The ASVAB is taken by all enlisted soldiers and based upon what you might learn in a standard high school course of study.

2 AFOQT Breakdown

The AFOQT is made up of 12 subtests that measure your knowledge of subjects such as verbal analogies, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge and math knowledge. Unlike the ASVAB, it consists of sections specifically geared toward piloting and navigation. It is designed to measure your ability and knowledge of pilot training, navigation, academics, as well as your verbal and mathematical aptitude. The Air Force uses the AFOQT to predict your success in specific training programs.

3 ASVAB Breakdown

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is administered by more than half of all high schools in the United states to sophomores, juniors and seniors. It consists of eight individual tests ranging from general science and reading comprehension sections to electronics information and mechanical comprehension. All branches of the military use ASVAB scores to determine which occupations best suit students based on their scores. Anybody interested in joining the Armed Services is required to take the ASVAB.

4 Which One is More Difficult?

It is commonly accepted that the AFOQT is more difficult than the ASVAB because the AFOQT is specifically geared toward specialized positions in the Air Force. The AFOQT consists of 12 subtests while the ASVAB consists of only eight, meaning that more information must be retained in order for successful passage of the AFOQT. While the AFOQT is more intensive, success on both tests is easily attainable with the correct approach and study plan.