Moving up in rank while in the United States Navy is the best -- and only -- way for sailors to advance their careers within the service. Sailors earn these promotions by meeting certain requirements.


Promotions in the Navy serve to recognize the skill and dedication of high-performing personnel. Those who perform well in the Navy are promoted to higher ranks and take on a greater degree of responsibility. Those who do not, meanwhile, are passed up for promotion.


Promotions in the Navy are granted according to merit, although initial promotions such as moving from E-1 to E-2 and E-2 to E-3 are generally automatic. After that, sailors must demonstrate their expertise by performing well on performance evaluations and exams, the results of which are viewed by a promotion board. Those with the best qualifications are then promoted to higher ranks.


The best way to move up in rank in the Navy is simply to perform well. Sailors should concentrate on doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, stay out of trouble and maintain a good relationship with commanders and other sailors.