Health-Related Persuasive Speech Topics

Health-related issues make good topics for persuasive speeches.

One of the difficulties of public speaking, especially for those beginning, is finding a suitable topic. Many students are unsure what to talk about. Health-related topics are popular because they are easy to research and make good persuasive speeches. A variety of topics about health are available to students.

1 Fast-Food Causes Obesity

This is an easy topic, mostly because there is a lot of evidence that fast foods are a major cause of obesity. It is also a good topic for college speeches because college students tend to eat a lot of fast food. The speaker can try to convince students to cut down on unhealthy food. Another way of approaching the topic is trying to persuade the audience to support legislation to put more detailed nutritional information on fast foods.

2 Tobacco Billboards are Wrong

The medical risks connected with smoking are well established. To prevent advertisements from persuading children to take up smoking, tobacco advertisements have been banned from the airwaves for decades. Thus, a good persuasive topic would be to convince the audience that the restriction on tobacco advertisements should be extended to billboards. The reasoning being that children are exposed to billboards whenever riding in cars.

3 Remedies for Colds

Everyone occasionally catches a cold. And although there is no cure for the common cold, some remedies are more effective than others. This is a good opportunity to persuade the audience that some cold remedies are more effective than others. With the Internet, this is an easy topic to research.

4 Depression

Many students deal with depression. There are many approaches to presenting a persuasive speech on this topic. The audience can be persuaded that more money should be spent on research and treatment of depression. Another approach is to persuade the audience that depression is a disease and should be treated as such instead of being viewed a weakness or moral failing.

5 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Insomnia is common among students and adults. Students may have trouble falling to sleep because of worries over grades, upcoming assignments and problems with their social lives. A good persuasive speech topic would be to convince the audience that certain treatments for insomnia are more effective than others. This information can also easily be found on the Internet.

6 Ways to Prevent Cancer

This topic can be approached in a variety of ways. The speaker can persuade the audience to take steps to reduce the risk of cancer in general. Another approach is to select a type of cancer and try to convince the audience to avoid behaviors that increase the risk of getting that particular type of cancer.