Hair Donations for Kids in Arkansas

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Give an Arkansas child cancer patient, survivor or one who has lost their hair to the auto-immune disease alopecia a new look on life by donating your hair to create a stylish wig. Within the state of Arkansas there are various nonprofit organizations that provide children in need with wigs made from donated hair. By donating a ponytail of your locks, you can give an Arkansas child with hair loss something to smile about.

1 Choose a Charity

Choose a charity you wish to donate your layers to. You can either go through a local charitable institution to make a donation upon your behalf in Arkansas or choose a national charity, but request the donation stay in state. Locks of Love and Wigs For Kids are two charities that accept donations. Look at the list of criteria for each charity to make sure your donated hair is accepted and kept within Arkansas; this is something your hair stylist may be able to aid you in.

2 Cutting Hair Donation

Contact your personal hair stylist in Arkansas and make an appointment to have your hair cut for donation. Some charities have strict guidelines about hair donations and, if not followed correctly, your donated layers will not be used. Ask if your salon provides free services for donations. If not, the charity you choose should have a list of Arkansas-based salons that will provide a haircut free of charge. For instance, Wigs For Kids offers a list of active Arkansas salons.

3 Preparing Hair Donation

Often hair donation organizations will have specific guidelines as to length, color and style of hair that is acceptable. For instance, Locks of Love will accept a 10-inch ponytail ,while Wigs For Kids will only take 12-inches. Layered hair is accepted if divided into multiple ponytails and hair length meets the requirements stated by the charity. Curly hair should be pulled straight to measure. Hair that is dreaded or bleached is not accepted due to manufacturer reasons. However, check with the individual Arkansas charity for specific criteria on donating colored or permed hair.

4 Mailing Hair Donation

Again, guidelines are specific to each individual charity. Know the way your Arkansas charity likes to receive donations. Most prefer the ponytail in a sealed, plastic bag and in a padded envelope. Be sure to complete the appropriate forms for the Arkansas charity you choose. This will be located on the charity website, or you can call the charity to find out where to obtain forms; this should be included in the envelope with the donated hair. Address the envelope to the Arkansas charity of your choice and mail with appropriate postage.

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