Everyone love a great kiss, but giving one to a guy can be a game-changer. Men and women have some distinct differences when it comes to romance, which means the right kiss can increase his feelings for you. Bring your kissing a-game for a man to look at you and get those loving feelings.

Your Kiss Is on His Lips

A great kiss can change the way a guy sees you for one simple reason. Guys tend to value physical intimacy more, such as kissing or holding hands, so that's how they want to express -- and receive a kiss. In a 2012 "Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin" article about gender differences in showing love, Elizabeth Schoenfeld and colleagues found that guys often show love through physical intimacy. This finding shows that guys value physical intimacy enough to prioritize it in showing love. So, turn the tables and use this male value to your advantage in a great kiss and make him fall for you.