If you live in California, studying California missions is part of the fourth-grade curriculum. To encourage kids to understand the material, many teachers incorporate a visual project into their coursework. The hands-on nature of the project gets kids to research and understand what the role of the California missions were and how they were constructed.

Step 1

Create a picture board for the fourth grade California mission project. Download images of the church, priests' quarters, bell tower and any other historical sights in the California mission. Affix them to a poster board with captions that correspond to the significance of the locations in the written California mission report.

Step 2

Complete an authentic painting of the California mission. Enlarge a photo or chalking of the mission, trace it lightly onto drawing paper and paint or chalk over the outline.

Step 3

Build a replica of the California mission. Large craft and teacher supply stores anticipate the approach of the fourth-grade California mission project and stock model kits of each California mission that are easy to assemble and decorate.

Step 4

Film a video tour of the California mission if you're able to visit. Explore the important areas and have your child narrate why the areas (like the orchards, soldiers' barracks or kitchen) were vital to California mission life.