Mission San Jose in California is one of the history lessons taught to students in elementary school. Along with the lesson, students are often asked to make a replica of the mission. Teachers often specify materials available for the project and one type of replica is the basic sugar cube mission replica. Sugar cubes are a good choice because they look similar to the bricks on the mission.

Set the plywood base on a table or flat surface. According to Class Brain, the base should measure about 22-by-24 inches.

Look at the reference pictures. Lightly draw in the outline of the building on the plywood. Mark all of the lines for where the walls are located and in the middle label the buildings to ensure they are accurately located.

Glue sugar cubes along the lines for the building walls. Class Brain suggests that the ideal height for the sugar cube walls is about 3 inches tall for scale accuracy. Glue the first row of sugar cubes directly to the plywood, stagger the next row so that on sugar cube sits on top of the middle of two sugar cubes below. Build up the wall row by row until the wall height is about 3 inches.

Paint the macaroni a red-brown color. Allow it to dry completely. Cut the cardboard into the shape of the mission roof and then glue the macaroni to the cardboard. Once the glue dries, lift the roof into place and glue the cardboard to the sugar cubes.

Add trees, crosses and similar items as desired or necessary for the project. Use toothpicks to create a simple cross.