How to Get Along With a Virgo

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A Virgo tends to be a little more shy than the rest of the zodiac signs, and usually has fewer friends. It's hard for a Virgo to open up, but once he does you'll know you have a sturdy, helpful friend on your side. Here's how to start and maintain a friendship with this earth sign.

1 Keep in mind

Keep in mind that a Virgo is a great person to have as a friend because she is a reliable, stable and sturdy rock that you can lean on in times of need. Therefore, in order for a Virgo to open up and trust you, you'll have to prove that you have the ability to be there for her on a somewhat consistent basis. Simply return her calls and follow through with plans, otherwise she will pull away and become uninterested in the friendship.

2 Know that at times

Know that at times a Virgo can be a workaholic, and even when he is politically liberal he has a tendency to be conservative in other ways. For this reason, it can be hard to get him to loosen up. He enjoys getting his work done and taking care of all of his obligations before letting his hair down and going out, so make sure to respect that before trying to get him to come out to a party. The best way to ensure that he will come out and socialize with you is to let him know in advance so that he can work out a schedule.

3 Understand that no one

Understand that no one is as self-critical as a Virgo. She is hypercritical of herself, which can sometimes result in her being hypercritical of those around her. This can be very irritating for more laid back types, especially considering that the majority of human beings have neither the capability nor the desire to achieve the level of Virgo perfectionism. Next time she starts lecturing you on how to be more efficient at work or how to improve your research paper, just let her know that you can handle your responsibilities on your own.

4 Know that a Virgo

Know that a Virgo is a worrier and tends to fret about all sorts of things, from whether he will get the job that he applied for to whether his cough could mean he has emphysema. The majority of the time his worries are unfounded, so don't exacerbate the problem by fretting with him. Instead, listen to what he has to say and then reassure him as to why he is probably worrying over absolutely nothing. Then try to attempt to distract him with something that can keep his mind busy.

5 Understand that

Understand that because she is associated with the sixth house (which is the house of service), a Virgo is the most helpful of all signs. While a Virgo might not be the most physically or verbally affectionate person in the world, she does show her love in her own ways. When a Virgo offers her help or services to you, it's usually because she cares about you and wants you to know it. Therefore, unless you are really stuck on doing something yourself you should accept her offer. It will actually bring her a lot of happiness to do something for you. On the flip side, be sure to never take advantage of his nature by making constant requests. A Virgo will withdraw once she decides that she is unappreciated.

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