How to Get Along With a Scorpio

Get Along With a Scorpio

There's something absolutely magnetic about Scorpios that draws people toward them. But just because Scorpio is captivating it doesn't mean it's an easy sign to approach or to maintain a friendship with. Because Scorpios tend toward extremes, it's important to handle your interactions with them with a little more care.

Approach Scorpios with caution at the beginning and give yourself some time to figure them out before you let yourself believe you know them. They are the most complex sign of the zodiac and take some getting used to. If they eventually let you into their inner circle of friends, they can be powerful and loyal friends.

Stay out of the way of your Scorpio friend if she becomes obsessively determined about attaining some goal. Whether she's convinced she needs to study constantly to get into graduate school or that she will acquire a position she's not qualified for, it's best to let her make her own decisions because it'll be nearly impossible to dissuade her. Don't intervene unless she's putting herself into some kind of serious physical or emotional danger.

Take Scorpio's advice when it comes to matters of emotion. Scorpios are very well in tune with their intuition and have a lot of insight to offer into a lot of situations. However, unless this is a close friend, bear in mind that Scorpios have been known to manipulate others' actions if it could somehow benefit them to do so.

Keep in mind that Scorpios tend toward some seriously heavy emotions, such as jealousy, resentment and obsessiveness. Sometimes it is difficult to see this because they can be so secretive. If you suspect your friend is experiencing these emotions and they are completely unrelated to you, hint at the nature of his woes and he may open up to you.

Calm her down or avoid exacerbating emotional situations if you can tell your Scorpio friend is getting upset. It takes a long time for Scorpio's volcanic temper to erupt, and neither you nor anyone else wants that to happen. If it seems there's nothing you can do to prevent it, it's best to flee the situation. Scorpios often say such hurtful things when they're truly angry that no one tends to forget them, so it's better to prevent this or not be around for it.

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