How to Format a Proposal for a Class

Coaches are one type of instructor who may choose to propose a class to their city's recreation department.

If you want to teach a new class in your local area, you can create a class proposal to submit to the city’s recreation department. Each year, classes are taught throughout cities by dance instructors, swim instructors, sports coaches, musicians and artists. Instructors are independent contractors who are paid with a portion of the enrollment fee for each registered student. You may need to have your proposal submitted by a certain deadline, which would be decided by your city’s recreation department.

Write a course description. This will give the most important information about your class. Items to mention in this section include the name of the class, your objectives for the class, how long the class will last and specific dates, how long each session will be, the minimum and maximum number of students and what age group your class will serve. Separate from your proposal, you can also include a course outline detailing what your students will learn.

Include student requirements. This section will provide information about the requirements of the students who enroll in your class. Will they need to purchase anything? Will they need to wear any special clothing or protective gear? Will anyone else, such as a parent, be required to attend and participate in the class with the student? Are there any prerequisite classes the student will need to have taken before they can participate in this one?

Detail city support. This section will be about the type of support you will need to run your class. Will you need a room, access to a field or anything else that would need to be provided by the facility? Will you need tables and chairs, floor mats or anything else that you don’t expect to supply yourself? This will help the city determine where your class should be held and match you with correct facility.

Tell them about yourself. This section will be about you and your qualifications. Why do you want to teach this class? Why are you qualified to do so? Do you teach a class anywhere else, or have you in the past? Are you insured and, if not, are you willing to purchase insurance? What else should the city know about you or your class? Separate from your proposal, you may want to include a copy of your resume.