The American Sociological Association publishes a style guide that advises its authors how to format journal articles, including the footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies, references and appendices. Most sociology departments require ASA formatting for research papers. ASA has some basic principles you should observe when writing an appendix, but always ask your instructor about her own specific requirements.

Step 1

Start each appendix on a new page.

Step 2

Type "Appendix" followed by a period and a suitable title. This will be the header. For example: "Appendix. Age and Gender of Participants."

Step 3

Add a letter to each appendix if there's more than one. For example: "Appendix A. Age and Gender of Participants" and "Appendix B. Sample Survey."

Step 4

Follow the same formatting guidelines throughout each appendix as you did in the main body of the essay.

Step 5

Continue numbering your pages as in the main body of the research paper.