How to Earn The Daisy Petals Girl Scout Promise Center

Girls in first grade or kindergarten join Daisies.
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On the route to become a Daisy Girl Scout, young girls must take the Girl Scout Promise to earn the promise center for their uniform. The promise is the vow every Girl Scout memorizes and tries to live by. “On my honor, I will try to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law.” Understanding this promise is one of the first steps as a Daisy, and the first step in obtaining the promise center. Once the leader of the Daisy troop feels like the girls have an understanding of the promise, the center is presented to each girl.

1 Earning the Promise Center

Helping is one of the promises the Daisies live by.
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2 Read the Girl Scout

Read the Girl Scout promise out loud to the Daisy troop. Daisy girls are in kindergarten and first grade. Some of them will not be able to read. Break the promise into sections in order to try to memorize the promise.

The Girl Scout promise is about serving our country.
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3 Explain a promise

Explain what a promise is to the troop. Ask the girls to tell about a time they made a promise to someone. As they talk about the promises they have made to others, expand on each girls' story. Illustrate how they were being a good and honorable friend with each promise.

4 Find a project

Find a project in the community that will show the girls how they can serve their country, even at their young age. The girls can collect money for a new flag at the school, clean up the cemetery before Memorial Day, make muffins for Veterans Day or learn how to fold the United States flag. In the promise, the girls vow to serve God. Ask them to speak with a parent about how they can serve God in their lives.

5 Take a field trip

Take a field trip to understand the being helpful at all times promise. The Daisies focus is gardening. Focus on the gardening theme when teaching the Daisies how to be helpful. Take the girls out in the community with trash bags and rakes. Rake the yard of an elderly neighbor.

6 Is presented to each Daisy

The blue promise center is presented to each Daisy when the troop leader feels she understands the promise. The girls work on adding each petal of the daisy after they have earned the promise center.

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