Etiquette for Getting a Girl's Number at a Party

A good time to ask?  When you've just made her laugh.
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It's that excruciating moment that happens to some people all too often in social situations: You want to get to know a person better, but don't know how to initiate another meeting. While it can be painful or embarrassing, asking for a girl's number doesn't have to be. It all starts with a good conversation.

1 At the Party

If you meet a girl at a party and you want to know her better, it's safe to assume you've already started some sort of conversation with her. If not, that's where to start. Find a way to get to know her and bond over a mutual interest. If she's sitting with friends, talk to them too, or you'll appear rude. It doesn't matter whether the conversation lasts one minute or an hour -- the time to get her number is when you're both having a good time and engaged in good conversation, instead of when the conversation starts to fizzle.

2 The Ask

Mobile phones are everywhere and nearly everyone has one. Take out your phone and say "let's exchange numbers so we can talk more later on." Then tell her to say her number so you can send her a text on the spot. Don't ask. Don't get embarrassed or shy. Make the moment as casual as possible, and send her a quick text message that states your name. Starting with a text message is often a less-awkward form of communication anyway.

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