How to Make a Snowflake Design on Your Fingernails

Recreate the pretty branching shapes of snowflakes on your nails.
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When you're facing cold weather on a daily basis, pretty nail art can help chase those winter blues away. Cutesy Christmas trees and presents may be perfect for the holidays, but a simple snowflake design will carry you through the rest of winter in style. Although no two snowflakes are alike, painting a basic flake involves just a few lines and dashes. With a steady hand and a little practice, you'll have a winter wonderland right at your fingertips.

Wash your hands with soap and water, and dry them with a clean, dry towel. Dampen a cotton ball with nail polish remover, and gently wipe each nail with the cotton ball to remove any traces of old polish. Allow your nails to dry.

Dip your nail brush into the base coat, and drag the brush vertically along the center of your nail from the top edge of the cuticle to the tip. Repeat on the left side of this stripe and then on the right side, to coat the nail. Red, blue, green or black polish will offset your white snowflakes and make them stand out. Allow the polish to dry completely.

Dip a very thin nail-art brush into the white polish, and paint two strokes in a cross shape on the first nail.

Paint a small "X" in the center of the cross, using the nail-art brush and the white polish. You should now have a white, eight-pointed star shape, and the "X" lines should be about half as long as the cross lines.

Paint a very small "V" shape at the topmost end of the cross, using two short dashes. The point of the "V" should land at the end of the cross. Repeat the shape at the other three ends of the cross. Add a second "V" just under the topmost "V," then repeat on the other three ends. This shape mimics the crystal branches of a snowflake.

Paint a small "V" at each of the four endpoints of your "X." Allow the snowflake to dry before you begin the next fingernail to avoid smudges.

Brush a clear topcoat over your dry and finished nails to seal your design and prevent chips.

  • You can paint a single snowflake on each nail; or you can paint multiple snowflakes on one nail, or decorate only a single accent nail.
  • Add glitter or shimmer to your snowflake or topcoat to mimic the sparkle of real snow
  • Clean up any polish that smudges onto your fingers by rubbing the area gently with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover.

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