How to Get Deodorant Out of Cashmere

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As decades pass, soft and cozy cashmere stays in style. While many women love the fabric for its supple texture and light weight, this type of wool requires special attention. When it comes to cashmere, hand-washing is the way to go, especially in the case of deodorant and other synthetic stains. Harsh detergents and spot-removing gimmicks are out, while good, old-fashioned water and light cleansers are in.

  • Mild shampoo
  • Soft cloth
  • 1 or 2 thick towel
  • Drying rack

1 Fill a clean

Fill a clean, sanitized sink with cold water. Mix in a few cap-fulls of mild hair shampoo and agitate the water.

2 Turn your cashmere

Turn your cashmere garment inside-out and dab the deodorant stains with a few more drops of the shampoo, applying it with a soft, clean, damp cloth. Submerge your cashmere top in the water-shampoo mix and press it down to the bottom of the sink, letting it soak up the water.

3 Blot the deodorant stains with the damp cloth

Blot the deodorant stains with the damp cloth gently, focusing on trouble spots such as the underarm area. Do not rub or scrub the delicate fabric. Squish the water out of the garment, dip it and squish the water out a few more times.

4 Rinse the cashmere thoroughly under cold water

Rinse the cashmere thoroughly under cold water until the water runs clear of shampoo.

5 Lay the garment

Lay the garment out flat on a clean, thick towel. Roll up the garment and towel together, gently pressing the towel as you roll -- this will absorb much of the moisture left in the cashmere. Never twist or wring the cashmere since this can stretch it out. Unroll the towel.

6 Hang the cashmere garment on a hanging rack to dry

Hang the cashmere garment on a hanging rack to dry. Alternately, you can lay it flat on another large, dry towel.

  • Always read and follow any care instructions or warnings provided by your cashmere garment's manufacturer.
  • Never wash cashmere in hot water, or you risk shrinkage.
  • Prevention is the best method for keeping deodorant out of your cashmere. Always wait for your deodorant to dry completely before you put on a cashmere top. If you do notice deodorant stains, treat your cashmere as soon as possible.
  • When lifting your cashmere out of the water, hold it in a bunched-up fashion; lifting your wet garment by its shoulders can stretch it out.

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