Dental hygienists provide a valuable service to the community as they promote preventative dental health and assist in corrective services. Working closely with dentists and other health professionals, hygienists can be a positive influence in the lives of the people they serve. While there is only one college that provides hygienist programs in the state of Vermont, there are a few options in the surrounding states for Vermont residents seeking a career in the field.

Vermont Technical College

Students can earn an Associate or Bachelor of Science degree in dental hygiene by attending the dental hygiene program at Vermont Technical College in Randolph, Vermont. The A.S. degree program is intended for students who wish to perform to perform the roles of a dental hygienist in general and specialty practices, community health agencies and public schools. Courses taken include basic anatomy and physiology, oral tissues, dental materials and periodontics. The bachelor's program enables students to be eligible for work in public health, education, sales and dental hygiene research. The coursework required is similar to that of the A.S. program, and students are required to take critical thinking, political science, technology and leadership classes as well.

University of Bridgeport

The University of Bridgeport in Connecticut offers an online graduate program in dental hygiene. Students can participate full-time or part-time in a course of study that leads to a Master of Science degree in dental hygiene in as little as 8 weeks. This program has been designed to prepare students for positions of leadership in administration, education, public health and dental hygiene practice by providing opportunities to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Though the program is online, students must report to the University of Bridgeport campus prior to beginning the program and upon completion to present a thesis.

Mount Wachusett Community College

Located in northern Massachusetts, Mount Wachusett Community College offers students a dental hygiene degree program on its campus in the city of Fitchburg. While most of the classes must be taken during the day at the Fitchburg campus, there are a number of general education classes that can be taken at other locations. Throughout this program, students gain the knowledge they will need to provide oral health care services, such as x-rays, nutritional counseling, preliminary exams and dental sealants. Since this program involves an extensive amount of classroom and clinical work, students are encouraged to complete some of the required general education courses before beginning their dental classes.

Hudson Valley Community College

Hudson Valley Community College, located in the northern part of New York, offers students an Associate in Applied Science in Dental Hygiene degree. Students at Hudson Valley undergo a rigorous course of study that examines both theory and technique in dentistry. They are also given opportunities to practice in clinical settings on campus and within the community under the direction of qualified faculty. Prior to starting this dental hygiene program, students must complete college level math, biology and chemistry courses.