Water Into Wine Crafts

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Teaching children about the first miracle performed by Jesus--turning water into wine--can be accomplished by one or several crafts. These give children a way of participating in the lesson, an activity to do and a project to take home to show their friends and family.

1 Water to Wine "Jars"

Give children a chance to take home their own wine "jars" from toilet tissue rolls. Offer each child a toilet tissue roll which he pastes construction paper around to cover. On one side of the roll, she writes "water" and on the opposite side "wine." Stuff a sheet of blue tissue paper into one end of the roll to represent the water, and push a purple sheet of tissue paper into the opposite end to represent the wine. With the side reading "water" facing forward, the child pulls out the blue (water) tissue, but when he reverses the roll to the "wine" side, she removes the purple (wine) tissue. This serves as a reminder that Jesus turned the water into wine.

2 Jigsaw Puzzle

Let children create their own puzzle to piece together showing the events at the wedding at Cana. Print out a picture of Jesus turning water into wine or have the children draw a picture on a piece of paper. Then, have the children cut their own picture into puzzle pieces which they can piece together to reform the picture.

3 Wine Pot

Recycle empty yogurt cups into "wine pots" the children can use to tell others the story of Jesus' turning water into wine. Wash and thoroughly dry yogurt cups, and have the children paint the inside of their container with purple paint on the bottom and inside sides, up to ½ inch below the top, leaving a white rim. Apply brown or gray acrylic paint with a sponge to the outside of the yogurt cup to resemble a clay jar. Wait for the yogurt cups to dry thoroughly before allowing the children to take them home. Tell the children to pour water into their "wine pot," which then resembles wine from the painted interior of the cup. Do not allow the children to drink from their painted yogurt cup.