Every school teacher knows that having something for pupils to create and take home is paramount. A book is one of the best things for students to create in a class room because it enables them to store their learning in a tangible object. Knowing how to guide students and bind their books is vital for any teacher.

Make a Book for Students

Have each student complete the required number of pages, as well as a front and back cover. Each page should have the same template with lines of handwritten text and an illustration directly above. The cover should include the student's name and the title of the book.

Make sure that each student is using construction paper on the cover. Use cover stock to provide stability to the book.

Collect the book pages from each student and organize them into stacks with the cover and backing on the bottom.

A Binding Machine

Use a binding machine to bind each book together. The binding machine uses plastic combs to join the pages to the cover and backing of the book.

Pass each book back to the appropriate student. Make sure that each student takes his or her book home so they can save their work.


  • The binding machine can be dangerous, so do not let your students operate or come close to it.


  • Adding a dedication and author's page in each book will teach students about book design and layout. These books work best with creative assignments, such as journal writing, story writing, or a portfolio of art work.