How to Make a Paper African Hut

Make a model of an African hut to explore African culture.

Learning about other cultures can enrich a child’s education. Studying the way that people in other countries and societies live furthers their understanding of geography, history and the social sciences. When studying Africa, a hands-on activity that teaches students about the one type of African dwelling is making a model of a thatched-roof African hut out of paper.

Wrap a piece of brown construction paper around the can or jar. Cut the construction paper so that it is level with the top of the jar. Tape or glue the construction paper in place to form the outside of the hut.

Roll a second piece of brown construction paper into a cone. Tape or glue it so that it holds the cone shape. Trim the bottom of the cone to form a level edge.

Place the cone on top of the can. Tape or glue the cone in place, to form the roof of the hut.

Decorate the hut with crayons and add a dome-shaped doorway.

Cut the leftover pieces of brown construction paper into shreds. Tape or glue them to the cone to simulate a thatched hut roof.

Remove the can or jar if the hut feels stable enough to stand on its own.

Nadria Tucker holds a Master of Arts in creative writing from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has contributed articles to "Birmingham Magazine" and "Lipstick Magazine" and her fiction has appeared in "THE2NDHAND," "New Southerner" and the fiction anthology "All Hands On: THE2NDHAND After 10."