How to Cut Bangs for Beginners

Cutting bangs requires a steady hand.
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There are almost as many styles of bangs as there are hairstyles themselves. Bangs are sometimes blunt -- cut straight across; other times, they are long and swept away from the face. No matter which style of bang you prefer, they are a way to completely change your hairstyle with only a few snips of the scissors. While beginners may cringe with fear at the thought of cutting bangs, the process is fairly straightforward and mostly requires planning to select the proper style.

Stand in front of a mirror that has adequate lighting. Comb your hair out thoroughly using a fine toothed comb until no tangles or knots remain.

Comb down your current bangs, if applicable. If you don’t already have bangs, comb down the amount of hair that you want to cut into bangs. Allow the hair to hang in your face and gather the remaining hair at the back of your head. Secure the hair at the back of your head using a hair clip or a rubber band.

Grasp a 1-inch wide section of hair in the middle of your bangs with one hand and pick up the scissors with the other. Turn the blade of the scissors so they are perpendicular to the bottom edge of your bangs. This causes a more natural looking cut rather than the traditional blunt cut bang.

Cut 1/4 inch off of the ends of existing bangs using short snips of the scissors. If you are cutting bangs for the first time, cut the bangs straight across your forehead at least 1 inch longer than you want them. Then, turn the scissors perpendicular to cut the remaining length off.

Release the hair and pick up another 1-inch section of bangs just to the right of the first section. Repeat the process to trim these bangs and then continue trimming your bangs until you reach the end.

Move your hands back to the center of your bangs and cut the other side just as you did the first, working your way to the left.

Tousle your bangs using your fingers, then comb your hair as normal. Examine your bangs closely for any long strands of hair that you missed, and trim them using the scissors if needed.

  • Do not cut your hair with office scissors. The blades on these are often dull and will not create a crisp cut.
  • Do not wet your hair before cutting your bangs. Since hair shortens as it dries, cutting wet bangs often results in too short bangs.
  • To help blend your bangs into your hairline, leave the bangs closest to the sides 1/4 inch longer than the bangs in the center of your forehead.

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