Crime investigation schools teach how to collect evidence from crime scenes.

Crime investigation is a broad subject with many sub-divisions that range from forensic science to crime scene investigation. A number of schools provide training in crime investigation with various degrees that arm people with the education needed for employment in a field that helps keep society safer and as crime-free as possible. By learning about these schools, you can get a better idea which type is the right fit for you.

Online Schools

Everest University Online offers an associate degree in criminal investigations that teaches the fundamentals of crime scene investigation science and theory. The program also teaches fingerprints, criminalistics, technology crimes, crime scene photography, collecting and presenting audio and visual evidence and biological evidence. Most online schools are cheaper than campus-based programs and provide students with the freedom to attend school and study at their convenience.

Certificate Program

Some crime investigation schools offer certificates in various sectors of crime investigation. While a certificate is not a diploma, it testifies that the student received an education often required by an employer to remain employed or to advance into another branch of the company. Kaplan University's crime scene technician certificate can be earned online or at a campus location. It provides students with the expertise of working a crime scene to uncover evidence that can be used in a court of law to convict a guilty party.

Community College

Community colleges often house crime investigation schools. They are commonly attended by students who plan to transfer into four-year colleges. They offer a variety of degrees and certificates from blood splatter analysis to crime scene technician courses. Scottsdale Community College offers a certificate in crime scene investigation that develops a student's ability to investigate and reconstruct crime scenes using scientific evidence. The program emphasizes criminal investigation procedures, death investigation techniques, collection and preservation of physical and biological evidence, crime scene reconstruction methodology and presentation of testimony in court. Some required courses include Forensic Science: Physical Evidence, Crime Scene Reconstruction and Forensic Pathology: Death Investigation.

Four-Year University Extension Schools

Crime investigation schools often exist through university extensions, which offer continuing education programs. Criminal investigation is a popular subject offered by many extension schools across the country. University of California Riverside sits in the jurisdiction of a massive sheriff's department and offers a crime scene investigation certificate. Current employees of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department will take this class, as will students new to the field who hope to secure employment within the department. The course teaches the basics of crime scene management, instructing how to collect and preserve evidence without cross-contaminating it. It also explains chain-of-custody issues and how to photograph and recover evidence at a crime scene.