How to Find Out What Song Is Playing on Someone's Tumblr Page

Find hidden songs on Tumblr blogs by viewing the HTML code.
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As you browse through Tumblr blogs perusing interesting content, you will probably run across a few blogs that automatically play music when you open the page in a browser. Most players are visible in the blog’s main page, but savvy coders can hide an embedded player from view. When you open a page with an embedded player that automatically begins playing the song, the title of the song is hidden. You can still find out what song is playing by doing a quick check of the HTML code for the blog's main page.

Open the main page of the blog that automatically plays the audio clip when you open the blog in a browser.

Open the HTML source code page using the View Source or equivalent feature for your browser. Press the “Ctrl-U” shortcut key combination to open the View Source code page. This shortcut is supported by all major browsers. In Internet Explorer, you can also click the “View” tab, then click “Source.” In Google Chrome, click the “Menu” icon, then click “Tools.” Click “View Source” from the Tools menu.

Press “Ctrl-F” to open the Find box. This shortcut is also supported by all major browsers and most text editors.

Type “mp3“ in the Find box. As you type, the Find tool matches the first instance of the text “mp3.“ The instance is highlighted in the code.

View the file name of the MP3 file. Generally, song titles can be identified by some form of the title in the name of the file. You can also copy the entire URL, then paste it into the address bar of a browser. Press “Enter” to open the hosted song in the browser window. The liner notes will likely appear in the browser’s default audio player. Finally, you can research the file name of the song to find out more about the album and artist.

  • The most popular hidden players available for Tumblr blogs include Hypster, Grooveshark and the Billy Player. You can also search the HTML code for these player types to find the embedded audio file link. However, searching for the text “mp3“ is much more efficient because Tumblr supports only MP3 audio files. The song URL for all players must include at least one MP3 entry.

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