How to Control a Wireless Bandwidth in Cisco

Cisco wireless routers give you four ways to determine bandwidth.
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Cisco wireless routers offer a Quality of Service feature with four levels of service that you can use to determine the bandwidth for specific applications. Platinum QoS gives the highest bandwidth, and is designed for things like Voice over IP; Gold provides sufficient bandwidth for streaming video; Silver is the default setting, and gives a moderate amount of bandwidth for browsing; and Bronze is the most limited, designed to allow guests on the network to not take too much bandwidth from other applications.

Connect your computer to the Cisco router through an Ethernet port. Type the IP address of the router -- the default is -- into your browser's address bar, and then type the username and password on the subsequent screen. The default for both is "admin" (without quotes).

Select "Wireless" from the categories, and then select one of the wireless bands -- for example, 802.11a/n. Select "Network," and then uncheck the box next to "Network Status." Click "Apply." This disables the wireless network so you can apply the QoS settings before re-enabling the wireless networking. Repeat the process for all the wireless network bands available.

Select "Wireless," click "QoS," and then select "Profiles." The profiles are labeled as Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Select a profile to edit it, and then determine the per-user bandwidth available for each profile. For example, the Bronze profile, by default, has an average allowed data rate of 3 Mbps -- expressed in thousands of bits per second, so a value of 3,000 in the box equals 3 Mbps. You can increase or decrease the bandwidth for each QoS profile. When you're done with each profile, click "Apply," and then select "Save Configuration."

Re-enable the wireless networks to enact the QoS profiles you edited. You can edit each individual wireless local area network and assign it one of the QoS profiles you defined. For example, if you have a Guest WLAN, you might want to assign it to use the Bronze profile. You can access the WLAN settings under the "WLAN" heading in the Cisco router configuration tool. When done, click "Apply," and then select "Save Configuration."

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