Some criminal justice careers include CSI investigator, criminal profiler and customs agent.

If you’re planning a career in law enforcement, a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice can be an excellent place to start. For many students, location is as important as the program itself when choosing a college. Luckily for high school seniors and transfer students who would like to get a criminal justice degree in Massachusetts, the state has several schools considered leaders in the criminal justice field.

Northeastern University

Northeastern University, based in Boston, is considered not only one of the best criminal justice programs in Massachusetts but among the best in the United States. As the second most selective criminal justice program in the country, students in the program have the advantage of graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in five years, rather than four. In the course of the extra year, students have the opportunity to concentrate their studies in public policy, leadership, global criminology and law and justice, as well as gain valuable experience in the field and the classroom.

Salem State University

Salem State University is unique in its liberal arts approach to criminal justice, a field largely dominated by Bachelor of Science degrees. Students at Salem State specialize in administration, technology and research, policy and management and criminal investigation. The school’s well-organized alumni network provides graduating students with access to law enforcement and other criminal justice professors for both advice and help in finding post-college careers. The practical applications of these majors allow Salem State University graduates to transition easily into the job market.

University of Massachusetts Boston

The University of Massachusetts criminal justice program on its Boston campus offers a Bachelor of Arts degree, with more focus on the social science involved in criminal justice than many other programs. At the University of Massachusetts Boston, students get field experience through required internships. Though some alumni of the program go straight to the job market after graduation, many go on to do graduate work in related fields.

Univerity of Massachusetts - Online

The criminal justice major at the University of Massachusetts' UMassOnline program is a practical choice for nontraditional students who have families, full-time jobs or other responsibilities that might preclude college attendance or relocation. The program awards students formal credit for job experience in the criminal justice field. Without stepping foot on a college campus, working criminal justice professionals can work toward a specially designed college degree that fits their needs.