How Can I Get My Guy to Wear Deodorant Without Telling Him To?

Sweetly suggest that you like a specific scent on your boyfriend.
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While you might coat on the super-scented lotions, spray on your favorite fragrances and use sweet-smelling soaps, your boyfriend may not have the same hygiene habits. As your move into the teen and young adult years, the hormonal processes of puberty are causing your -- and your boyfriend's -- underarms to secrete a less-than-pleasant smelling sweat. Although body odor is a normal part of the teen years, you may need some clever coaxing to get your guy to cover the smell with deodorant.

1 Not Talking the Talk

Why don't you want to tell your beau that he needs a quick coating of deodorant? To begin with, it's not likely that he'll appreciate your critique on his overtly manly odor. While it's completely normal for teens and young adults to sweat from their underarms -- especially while engaging in physical activity or when nervous -- being told that he stinks is less than appealing for anyone, especially someone who wants you to think that he's attractive. Outright telling your boyfriend that he needs to wear deodorant may strike a blow to his ego and make him feel like you aren't attracted to him. That said, if keeping completely mum is out of the question, you'll need to explore all of your alternative options.

2 The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Take a trip to your local pharmacy or super store and you'll find an aisle packed with almost every type of deodorant imaginable. Deodorants and antiperspirants come in roll-ons, gels, solid sticks, creams and spays. Additionally, some brands make deodorants that are specifically for young men, adding in cologne-like fragrances or decorating the container in a masculine way. Pick a product that smells good to you and give it to your guy as a gift. Instead of saying, "Hey, you smell. Wear this or don't stand too close," try something along the lines of, "I saw this when I was shopping and I think that it smells amazing."

3 Compare and Dare

Although you don't want your guy to fall prey to peer pressure, comparing another boy's scent to his may make him think twice before he skips the deodorant. While you don't want to make your boyfriend jealous, hinting that, "Mary's boyfriend always wears [fill-in-the-blank brand] deodorant and she adores how he smells," may make him more apt to try the same thing. Another option is to tell your guy that you read about how a famous movie star or sports figure wears a specific type of antiperspirant. Again, he may take this as a signal that he should follow suit.

4 Role Model

Set an example for your guy and make a point of letting him know that you prefer a clean and sweet-smelling body. While you don't have to act out your entire beauty regimen in front of your boyfriend, brush on a fragrant deodorant stick as the two of you are about to leave for a night out or make a point of talking about how you just couldn't live without your favorite antiperspirant.

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