Widely known for being high in vitamins A, B and C as well as a rich source of potassium, a banana's best kept secret may be its value in beauty treatments. The same nutrients that make bananas good for the body also nourish the skin and hair. Bananas -- once used in folk remedies to treat a host of skin conditions -- make for excellent at-home facial treatments.

Tropical Facials

The beauty of making a homemade facial using an overripe banana is its simplicity. Take a ripe banana and mash it with a fork. You can use the mask as-is or add other ingredients to tailor it to your specific skin care needs. Strawberries for an antioxidant boost, ground oats or sugar for exfoliating, and honey or cream for extra moisture make banana facials extremely versatile. Next time you eat a banana, save the peel. For a quick and easy banana facial, rub the inside of a banana peel over your face. Wait 15 minutes before rinsing your skin with lukewarm water. Banana peels are full of antioxidants and soothe itchy or irritated skin.