Biblical Themes & Ideas for Props

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To put on the best biblical play possible, carefully plan out the biblical themes your play will explore. Incorporate stage props into your play to set the properl atmosphere for each scene. Once you have decided on which scenes to include, you can purchase biblical props that can fit most any budget.

1 Nativity Scene

The nativity scene, which depicts the birth of Jesus Christ, is one of the most popular biblical scenes to present, both in plays and and general decorations. For this scene you can purchase professional nativity props and you can purchase these decorations from most theater prop suppliers. For budget plays, piece together a custom nativity scene. Instead of building a wooden stable, draw a two-dimensional stable onto a large poster board and use it as a background for the nativity scene. Use a standard crib placed in front of the drawing to add a three-dimensional element to the scene. Place hay about the floor to give the stable a more realistic atmosphere.

2 Noah's Ark

The story of Noah's Ark is one of the most well-known biblical stories, and is apt for teaching themes of judgment and redemption. Since building a realistic ark prop is generally expensive and difficult, consider presenting the entire stage as the deck of Noah's Ark. Use cardboard constructions to represent different parts of the ship. Place various stuffed animals about the stage so that the ark set seems populated with animals, as in the story of Noah's Ark. Play an audio sample of ocean sounds during the scene to further set the atmosphere.

3 The Parting of the Red Sea

Moses parting the Red Sea is a powerful image that can teach themes of salvation and divine intervention. Use large, cloth sheets to represent the Red Sea. Have extra actors hold the edges of the blankets while waving the sheets up and down to create a rippling sea effect. Use at least two separate sheets so that when the actor playing Moses parts the sea, the actors holding each separate sheet can move apart, presenting the effect that the Red Sea is parting.

4 Heaven

Include a scene set in Heaven in your play, to convey it as a different realm than the world in which the rest of your play takes place. Drape white sheets about the stage and/or have extra actors hold the edges of the sheets and wave them in a gentle motion. This will give the image of clouds, which is the most popular depiction of heaven. Have various actors dressed in angel costumes stand about the stage to present heaven as populated. If possible, brighten the stage lighting for the scenes set in heaven to further differentiate the bright heavenly realm from the other scenes.

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