With a little creativity, you can film two separate images and duplicate the images in iMovie to create a clone. The process of cloning works the same whether you want to clone yourself, another person or an object. You must record the same scene for each clone, crop the video and then merge the two images into a single video. Because differences in lighting and atmosphere can change, you should film each segment of the video in a single session.

Record the Scene

Step 1

Position the built-in iSight camera in a location that won't get moved or accidentally pushed. If the background in the scene changes, it won't line up when you combine the videos.

Step 2

Select the "Record a Movie Clip" icon in PhotoBooth and press the record button.

Step 3

Act out the scene for the first clone on one side of the screen. Then, move to the other side of the camera and act out the scene for the second clone. Click the stop button when you finish recording the scene. The second scene gets cut during the cloning process and superimposed on the first scene.

Step 4

Drag the thumbnail from the video to your desktop to create a copy of the video.

Merge Clones

Step 1

Launch iMovie, click the "Create" button and select the "Movie" option.

Step 2

Select a theme from the list of options. The theme acts as the title screen of your movie. You can also select "No Theme."

Step 3

Drag the recording you made into the iMove Library section to use with your movie.

Step 4

Highlight the recording in the iMovie Library pane, click the "Edit" menu and select "Duplicate Movie" to create a copy of the clip.

Step 5

Select the first clip in the iMovie library and trim the video before the point that the clone appears in the movie. Highlight the clip and drag a corner of the yellow marker to choose the portion of the scene you want to remove. Complete this process for the second clip as well, except, for the second clip, remove material that doesn't include the second clone.

Step 6

Drag the first clip into the editing window, then drag the second clip over the first clip in the movie editing pane. Make sure both clips last the same amount of time.

Step 7

Click the "Adjust" tab and select the Crop button. Crop the top layer version of the clone so that the layer below becomes visible and you can see both elements. Click the check box to save your changes.

Step 8

Click the "Share" button and select a format to export your movie.