Whether you're in college, high school, middle school or elementary school, your school likely has a list of rules you are expected to adhere to. These rules may encompass behavior on campus, policies on tardiness and personal appearance. Whether or not you actually like to obey rules, it's important you follow the policies of your educational institution as closely as possible.

Personal Safety

Rules are intended to protect you. Specific rules, such as "Don't go into the boiler room" or "No students allowed on campus after dark" are written to protect against dangers. When you follow the rules at school, you demonstrate an awareness of the rules and show that you believe your personal safety is important.

Peer Consideration

In addition to self-preservation, obedience to school policies and procedures shows that you respect your peers and consider their personal safety to be of the utmost importance. Obedience also demonstrates you believe the education of your peers is vital to their future well-being. For example, rules governing your appearance are designed to minimize classroom distractions. When you dress in a manner that doesn't draw undue attention to yourself, it allows your classmates to focus on their studies instead of your clothing.

Academic Reputation

Sometimes, rules are a burden to obey. Rules may occasionally seem unimportant or useless, but it's important to obey the rules even if you feel they're unnecessary. Even if you think no one notices or appreciates your good behavior, rest assured your instructors do notice when you follow the rules and they appreciate it. Obedience to the rules at school improves your relationships with your teachers and demonstrates you care about your education.

Respect for Authority

When you follow the rules at school, you show that you understand the importance of rules and you respect the governing authority. We are faced with numerous rules not only in school but in daily life, and obedience to those rules shows we care about those who create the rules, whether it be a principal, teacher or police officer. Obedience to school rules also shows your teachers and principal you trust their decisions even if you don't understand the purpose behind a specific rule.