While the face gets lots of attention for anti-aging remedies and beautifying makeup, hands often get pushed to the wayside. Don't neglect your mitts -- whether you're pointing, waving or holding hands with your main squeeze, your hands draw plenty of attention throughout the day, so keeping them beautiful is key to an overall healthy and youthful appearance. There's no single panacea for beautiful hands; it takes a few all-natural techniques to keep them at their peak -- incorporate a mix of methods into your routine to create a regimen that beautifies your hands in the moment and keeps them healthy for the long term.

Step 1

Moisturize regularly with an all-natural moisturizing cream, such as those that contain ingredients like aloe, mineral oil or chamomile. Dry skin creates a flaky texture and accelerates signs of aging, while moisturizing keeps your hands smooth and soft. Carry a travel-sized moisturizer and apply after you wash your hands or when your hands become dry, red or chapped. As a rule of thumb, moisturize no less than twice a day.

Step 2

Shake your hands out for about a minute, then put a few drops of olive oil in your palm. Rub the oil into your hand with circular motions from the opposite thumb, applying a bit of pressure. Work your way across your palm and up each finger, then repeat on the other hand. The olive oil hydrates your skin while the massage encourages healthy blood flow and helps tighten up loose skin, so it's helpful to give your hands a thorough olive-oil massage once per week.

Step 3

Prepare a mixture of warm water, buttermilk and organic apple-cider vinegar and soak your hands in the mixture for a few minutes to rid them of dead skin cells. Dry your hands and gently sand the tops of your nails with a fine pumice stone. Finish them with a final filing and shine them with a buffing chamois. This eco-friendly, homemade manicure gives your hands a fresh look and your nails an eye-catching shine -- use it just before special occasions for great-looking hands.

Step 4

Put on a pair of clean cotton gloves after you apply your all-natural, moisturizing hand cream and wear them to bed for an even more effective moisturizing treatment. Your hands will be silky smooth in the morning.

Step 5

Mix a dab of all-natural foundation with your all-natural, moisturizing hand cream and rub it over the tops of your hands for a quick, skin-friendly treatment that also helps to conceal age spots and fine lines.