Adjusting Kindle Margins

You can customize your Kindle settings to your preference, including margins.
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Depending on your preferences, you may find you read faster or more comfortably with your margins a little wider or narrower than your Kindle’s default. Amazon gives you room for customization when it comes to your electronic page width, with three customizable margin settings. Depending on your Kindle model, the procedure can vary but takes just a few button pushes or taps to accomplish.

1 Non-Touch-Screen Kindles

For Kindles with keyboards, press the “Aa” button to bring up the text menu. Then, under the “Words per Line” section, change the setting to Fewest for wide margins, Fewer for an intermediate margin, or Default for narrow margins. On Kindles without keyboards, this menu is accessed by pressing the menu button, then following the above directions.

2 Touch-Screen Kindles

For E-ink touch-screen Kindle devices, including the Paperwhite, begin by tapping the top of the screen to bring up the toolbar. Tap the “Aa” button to bring up text options menu. From there, you can select the wide, normal or narrow margin by tapping on the appropriate icon.

For all versions of the color touch-screen Kindle Fire, begin by tapping anywhere on the screen while reading. Tap the “Aa Settings” button, and then choose the wide, normal or narrow margin depending on your preference.

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