How to Write a Report on a Person

Writing a report on a person can be fun.

Writing a report on a person is not a difficult project. It will take research to learn about the important events in the person’s life. A good report will include the milestones in a person’s life. It may also include pictures and stories about the person that other people have told about the person. It is important to be accurate in the stories and descriptions you share. A well-written report should help someone understand the history of this person.

Choose the person that you want to write the port on. Generally a teacher will assign specific criteria for a report, and it is important to follow her directions, but there are still several options that you can choose from.

Research the life of the person you are writing the report on. You can research by checking biographies out at the library if you are researching someone famous. Another way to research is to conduct a personal interview with the person. If this is an option, consider interviewing a close friend or relative about the person as well. Researching the time period and the location where the person lived can also add depth to the report.

Create a timeline of the person’s life. The timeline will help you order your report and it provides an opportunity for the truly important events to stand out, so that you can focus on them while writing.

Write the report on the person. Begin by providing a little background information. In the introduction begin by sharing why you chose this person, or what the person has accomplished in this life. Then briefly give background information on his childhood and the important events in his life.

Proofread your report before you hand it in. Reading aloud can help you catch any errors you may have made. If it is someone you interviewed, allow him to read the paper as well.

  • When possible include one or two direct quotes from the person, particularly if you had the chance to interview him. Sharing one humorous story about the person as well as the many accomplishments can also add depth to the report and bring the person to life on paper.

Miriam C has been writing since 2007. She earned her bachelor's degree in English from Brigham Young University. Among her many jobs, Miriam C has taught middle-school students. She's written for and other clients on finances, family and education.