How to Write About Features, Attributes and Benefits

A salesman is working with a customer.
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Features, attributes and benefits (FAB to sales professionals) are used to help sell a product or service. For example, a salesperson may email a corporate buyer about the FAB of office chairs, desks and filing cabinets. A copywriter may write about these aspects of a smartphone for an ad. Writing about these requires careful explanation, as attributes and benefits are quite similar. Sales professionals must make the differences clear.

For a pencil sharpener, a “feature” linked to sales could be the blade or the size of the holes, if it's a double sharpener. The “attributes” of these features are that the machine can sharpen your pencils quickly and sharpen different sizes of pencil. The “benefit” is that you have neatly sharpened pencils. In describing a feature, indicate that it is a part of the product or service description. For example, features on a car would be power steering, electric windows and air conditioning; on a cellphone, large screen, touch and email access.

Writing about "attributes" of a car (also described as "advantages"), mention that the power steering makes it easy to handle. The electric windows are easy to use, and air conditioning keeps the inside of the car at the right temperature. For a cellphone, having a large screen is an advantage for viewing the Internet or watching films or video clips. High density colors enhance the viewing experience. A touch phone is easy to use, and having email access with sounds lets you know each time a message arrives.

Describing benefits, think about how people will actually profit from these features and attributes. Power steering makes the car more comfortable to drive. Air conditioning keeps your body comfortable, and electric windows make it easier to access parking-ticket machines. With a cellphone, the benefits of having a large screen and being able to see the Internet clearly include not straining your eyes. High density colors also make it easier to see. Touch phones save time as everything is easy to get to, especially if you happen to have arthritis. Being able to access your email while you are out and about is a valuable benefit of smartphones. It allows you to deal with problems or queries immediately instead of waiting until you get back to the office.

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