How to Write an Essay Bragging About Yourself

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Many high school courses and college admissions applications require a student to draft a personal essay. The topic of many of these essays involves explaining a student’s personal accomplishments. For some people, this is a long list that cannot be condensed into a few sentences. Writing a an efficient personal essay bragging about yourself involves explaining your achievements and good qualities without coming off as arrogant or overly confident.

1 Write down a list

Write down a list of your academic accomplishments. Include any exemplary grades, honors courses, certificates and awards.

2 Create a list

Create a list of any interesting personal information about yourself. Add any trips you have taken to foreign countries, volunteer work, athletic accomplishments or extracurricular activities, including student club government involvement.

3 Begin the essay with an interesting story about yourself

Begin the essay with an interesting story about yourself. Include details about the anecdote and make it descriptive enough to grab the reader's attention.

4 Write the remaining paragraphs remaining

Write the remaining paragraphs about the accomplishments outlined in the lists you created.

5 Write a conclusion paragraph

Write a conclusion paragraph summarizing the strengths that you highlighted throughout the essay. Take this opportunity to write down any lessons you have learned in life and how your experiences have benefited you as a person.

6 Edit the first draft for spelling

Edit the first draft for spelling, grammar and clarity. Ask a friend or teacher to look over the essay and offer any suggestions about how to make it more appealing.

7 Write the final draft of the essay

Write the final draft of the essay, taking into account any suggestions your editors gave.

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