How to Write a Personal Military Biography

A personal military profile highlights your military accomplishments.

Personal military biographies are used to identify the accomplishments and abilities of current or former service members. Writing a personal military biography is similar to generating a standard resume, though greater attention is paid to your military training, awards and stations than your civilian education and job experience. Because there are many ways to format this information, personal military biographies offer you an opportunity to highlight the elements of your military career about which you are most proud.

List your personal demographic information including name, branch, rank, deployment status, current location of deployment, age, date of birth and hometown.

List your military history in chronological order, starting with your first military experience. Include your enlistment information, all training you received and all units and locations to which you have been deployed.

Identify any military awards and honors you have received. Include military decorations such as Purple Hearts and Bronze Stars, service ribbons for active-duty participation and qualifications achieved through training.

Describe the military schooling you have received. This includes any and all post-boot camp training you received.

List your rank ascension history in chronological order starting with your first ranking. Include the date at which you received each rank.

Detail your family history including your parents, siblings, spouse and any children you may have.

Identify any civilian schooling you have received such as high school or college.

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