What Does Military TDY Mean?

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Members of the military often travel, but they are always assigned one location to call home. Some servicemen and women change this home base, or permanent duty station, often. But many assignments are not permanent and servicemen will return to their permanent duty stations.

1 Description

When servicemen are assigned to duties outside their permanent duty station, they are considered to be on temporary duty, or TDY. This TDY can be as long as a nine-month deployment or a two-day trip.

2 Purpose

A service member is often sent where her expertise is most needed. Some soldiers on TDY end up in a war zone to protect national interests. Others may have very specialized skills that might be needed in any location across the globe.

3 Considerations

Military members assigned to TDY can be sent to desirable locations or they could end up in dangerous areas. Extra pay is given to servicemen on TDY on a per diem basis for local expenses, and sometimes for travel, flights and as a hazardous duty allowance.

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