What Church Is Joyce Meyer Associated with?

Joyce Meyer employs over 800 people worldwide through Joyce Meyer Ministries.
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According to the Joyce Meyer Ministries, both Joyce Meyer and her organization, Joyce Meyer Ministries, are nondenominational Christian. In an interview with "The 700 Club," Joyce Meyer identified with Pentecostalism, a movement within Christianity that emphasizes a literal interpretation of the Bible and direct experience with God. However, she also emphasized a broader perspective. The ordained minister, speaker and writer explained, "If you're desperate enough for a move of God in your life, you won't care if you get a Pentecostal blessing, a Baptist blessing, a Methodist blessing."

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Meyer's organization reflects her belief that the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit and provides inerrant instructions on how to live. The website expresses a commitment to teaching the Bible and helping those who are suffering. To do so, Meyer reaches a wide audience with her television broadcast entitled "Enjoying Everyday Life." She has also written more than 70 books and conducts several conferences each year. In addition, she established 15 offices throughout the world, including locations in Africa, Australia and the Middle East, which conduct humanitarian efforts like disaster relief, human trafficking rescue and food programs.

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