Why Vending Machines in Schools Are Good

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The issue of vending machines in schools has been controversial for parents, school officials and the government for years. Some schools only have healthy foods in the vending machines, some machines hold no soda, and some schools turn off the machines during lunch hours. The change affects the way kids in school eat and drink. Having vending machines in schools helps in many ways besides feeding the kids.

1 School Profit

Schools receive a portion of the profits from the vending machines. Schools use the money to fund many different school activities and goals, including buying computers, training teachers and funding sports events. The money that is made from the machines stays within the school and helps purchase many things no longer in the school budget due to forced spending cuts.

2 Available Snacks

Kids need to be able to eat when they are hungry. Although school is different from work, a person’s body can become stressed after studying, taking tests or performing physical activity. Having snack machines available for kids is important so they can eat something and renew the body’s energy. Whether it’s a healthy snack or soda, it can be soothing.

3 Lunchtime

Although some schools must turn off vending machines are lunch, kids that forget to bring a lunch, lose their meal ticket or just didn’t bring a lunch need to eat somehow. Vending machines provide a way for kids to eat when they don’t have any lunch. Whether it’s a healthy lunch or a junk food lunch, at least the kids will not need to go all day without food.

4 Other Vending Machines

One type of vending machine that is not mentioned often is one that sells things that kids need. Pencils, erasers and other school supplies are added to vending machines so students don’t need to go without during classes. Some vending machines can hold small notepads, rulers, correction liquid and glue.

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