Interesting Research Paper Topics for Kids

Interesting topics engage students in the research process.

Writing a research paper is a long and arduous process in which information is gathered and used to help analyze and argue a point. There are many steps and techniques involved, and the amount of work can seem overwhelming to beginners. Nonetheless, it is important to teach those skills to students. Offering kids interesting topics will make the experience of research less intimidating and more rewarding.

1 Is Music Important In School?

It seems pretty unusual to find someone who goes a day without music. Inventions such as the iPod have made music ubiquitous in kids' lives. Yet, many schools have cut their music programs so that the money can be used for other purposes. Have students research the importance of music and decide whether it is something that should be kept or cut from the school curriculum.

2 Are Video Games Bad?

Video games continue to grow in popularity, but there is much debate about how healthy they are for kids. Do they affect a player’s behavior? Do they blur the line between fiction and reality? Do they lead to a lack of exercise? There are many points to discuss on this topic. Students can choose a side to the argument and gather research to support their opinion.

3 Should Movies Be Rated?

With the pay-per-view capability of many television services, watching movies is simple. Kids can easily select and begin viewing a movie almost instantaneously. The Motion Picture Association of America sets the rating for most movies that play in theaters or go directly to DVD. Have students consider the current rating system and judge whether or not it should be kept in place.

4 Should Animals Be Used In Sports?

Animals have won the hearts and homes of many people, so arguing whether or not they should be used in sports is a common debate. Some animal-lovers feel that horse races, dog sledding, bull fighting, agility events and other animal sports place stress on the animals involved. Students should take a stance for or against a particular animal sport and back up their opinion with research.

5 Is That Celebrity Really Important?

Kids always have idols, whether they are authors, musicians, actors or athletes. Allow students to select and research a well-known person they idolize. They should gather information on the person’s birth and childhood as well as what they did before and after becoming famous. Based on their findings, students must decide whether or not the person is worthy of idol status and defend their belief.

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