What Are the Duties of a Baptist Missionary?

Missionary work involves helping those in other countries.

The duties of a Baptist missionary will vary and are dependent on the mission that they are currently on. In general, they set out to spread the word of god to those who may have strayed away from religion or have found themselves lost. Another task that the missionary will perform is to help those who are in need of service. This could be assisting people who live in countries with very little resources or educating people who have not yet been exposed to organized religion. This has to be a purely selfless act and they need to be prepared for hardship along the way.

The first person that a Baptist missionary will serve is God. They have rich religious beliefs and feel that their service to God is the most important of all. Through this service a missionary will assist people from around the world. They must learn to assimilate themselves into other cultures while still holding on to their own religion.

A Baptist missionary travels to other countries that are in need of services. Often, these are places that have experienced a natural disaster or areas that are very poor and have very few resources. Many missionaries will set up a makeshift church where they can spread the word of God to those they help. They may live in the mission while helping the people irrigate fields of vegetables and build new housing to protect them from the elements.

Missionaries are often trained medical professionals who are equipped to provide medical care to those who have endured sickness due to pandemics and other hardships. Some of the people who may benefit from their services include people in need of mosquito nets in jungle areas and those who endured devastating consequences from the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Missionaries often dedicate their entire lives traveling the globe in response to those in need. Their sole purpose is to spread the word of God and provide those basic needs to people who have nothing. They get paid very little in money, but find plenty of rewards through their service to God and the people that they have helped.

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