Topics for a Research Paper for Physical Education

Topics for a Research Paper for Physical Education

Many teachers training to become physical education teachers must write a final paper that focuses on specific topic within the physical education field to prove their competency. Students taking physical education classes or pursuing a degree in sports medicine and related fields also prove their competency through written assignments. Fortunately, there are numerous things these students can write about to complete their coursework and prepare for their first job after graduation.

1 Importance of Physical Education

Under the umbrella of the importance of physical education, there are numerous potential paper topics. One topic is the lifelong importance of physical activity and how it can lower the risk of disease. This can be a particularly important topic for a student planning to teach elementary physical education. The paper can include research that suggests that the earlier students learn about health, the healthier they are later in life. Along the same lines, a student could write about current childhood obesity trends and how regular physical activity can reduce those rates and help combat the problem. The correlation between regular physical activity and classroom achievement or regular exercise and productivity are potential topics as well.

2 Fitness and How It Applies to Children

There's no arguing that children need regular exercise, and a paper topic could introduce an in-depth exploration of a specific benefit. For example, exercise can improve self-image, so a prospective PE teacher might write a paper about the correlation between exercise and self-esteem or the relationship between exercise and rates of depression. Regular exercise increases strength and encourages normal physical development, and a paper topic could explore the reasons why this is. An exploration of how physical education classes contribute to childhood social and emotional development is another potential topic.

3 Benefits of Certain Sports

A student studying to work within a certain sports field might write an in-depth paper about the history and benefits of a specific activity such as football, volleyball or lacrosse. For a student working towards a PE teaching degree, he might discuss how playing team sports influences physical, social and emotional development. A paper outlining the physical benefits of certain sports is another option. For example, a student might write a paper that proves the relationship between a strong lower body and playing soccer or the correlation between Pilates and a strong core. The benefits of hula-hooping is another creative paper topic.

4 Miscellaneous Topics

A student studying to be a PE teacher could write a paper that discusses the history of PE in the school system and how it's changed to be more effective or what needs to change to make it more effective. The ways that physical education improves problem-solving skills is another idea for a prospective PE teacher. An in-depth exploration of the President's Physical Fitness Challenge would be an interesting and valuable paper, too. For a student going into the sports medicine field, a paper about how physical activity and nutrition are related is a potential topic, as is the relationship between psychology and the attitudes of pro athletes.

Sara Ipatenco has taught writing, health and nutrition. She started writing in 2007 and has been published in Teaching Tolerance magazine. Ipatenco holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in education, both from the University of Denver.