Tips to Prevent Getting Deodorant on a Black Dress

Rub a piece of black fabric onto white marks when in a pinch.
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When you need sophistication stat, your little black dress is sure to satisfy. But rock your black beauty with white deodorant marks, and your stunning dress instantly turns stagnant. Whether your frock features long sleeves, cap sleeves or no sleeves at all, you can take precautions to make sure your deodorant stays under your arms and off your dress. It's important to use the right kind of deodorant, know when to put it on and what to do at the first sign of a white mark. All these things can help your dress stay pretty so you can focus on the party.

  • Clear deodorant

1 Short-Sleeve and Strapless Success

2 Put your dress on before applying your deodorant

Put your dress on before applying your deodorant. Your dress cut and silhouette will be your guide as to where you should apply the deodorant in the armpit.

3 Roll

Roll or swipe a thin layer of solid, clear deodorant into your armpits while your arms hang down. Reaching your arm up toward the ceiling can move the dress fabric which leads to an inaccurate fabric line near your underarms. The key is to see exactly where the fabric stops near your pits.

4 Stay

Stay steady in your dress for about 30 seconds as the deodorant dries.

5 Longevity With Long Sleeves

6 Pull your dress over your head or step

Pull your dress over your head or step into it. Zip up the back or side, if needed.

7 Roll or carefully hike up the dress

Roll or carefully hike up the dress to your stomach area. Pull it gently away from your body.

8 Place the deodorant stick

Place the deodorant stick up the dress and into your armpit. Be careful not to touch the stick to the dress. Swipe the deodorant once back and forth into your arm pit. Repeat on the other side.

9 Place a tight-fitted dress

Place a tight-fitted dress over your head. Roll the hem up and outward. Swipe the deodorant once back and forth under each armpit. Wait 30 seconds for it to dry. Roll the dress carefully down your body.

  • Rub-on deodorant is easier to control that aerosol.
  • Deodorants with alcohol or aluminum can easily discolor your clothing.
  • Launder your dress after each use. This keeps deodorant stains from setting into the fabric.
  • Carry wet wipes in your purse or car. Dab the deodorant mark several times to release the white; be careful not to rub or smear the mark further onto the fabric.

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