If you're feeling blue in school and a hug would help to lift your spirits, if you want to celebrate a job well done on an assignment, project or test or if you simply want to share your admiration and respect for one of your teachers, getting a hug from a teacher is a simple task that may help to brighten your day.

Step 1

Ask for a hug. Approach your teacher and explain your reason for wanting a hug. Tell him what a hug signifies to you and how it could make your day better or lift your spirits.

Step 2

Do a good job. Follow directions, listen well and be a good example. Your teacher may want to celebrate your good work in class by giving you a hug.

Step 3

Compliment your teacher. Tell him he's doing a good job or tell him how he has positively affected your life and made learning easy and fun. Your teacher may be prompted to give you a hug as a means of thanking you for the praise.

Step 4

Be nice to your teacher. Ask to help out with classroom-related tasks such as cleaning the erasers, emptying the pencil sharpeners and sweeping up the floor. Offer help to your teacher in any way you think is appropriate. You may find that you get a hug from your teacher as a thank you for your efforts.