Delivering a eulogy is a healthy way to express your grief.

One day you may have to give a eulogy for a loved one. This is not an easy task, because you will be filled with grief and you may even panic at the thought of speaking in front of others at the funeral. However, you need to understand that it is perfectly O.K. to have these feelings; it does not mean you cannot deliver a eulogy. In fact, your eulogy will be beautiful if you share your emotions and real memories of your loved one.

Write down what you want to say about your loved one. You will probably only have a few minutes to deliver the eulogy; so, focus on a couple things that you want to talk about — such as your loved one's remarkable sense of humor. It is even O.K. to relate a funny anecdote — this is all part of giving a beautiful eulogy.

Practice giving the eulogy. You want to give the best eulogy you can; so, practice delivering the eulogy in front of a friend or family member. Ask for feedback, if it helps you. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable enough to deliver the eulogy in front of the people at the funeral.

Express your emotions while giving the eulogy. Allow yourself to cry. Do not try to hold everything inside and remain stoic. To give a beautiful eulogy is to allow the pain and loss to show. This is a true testament to your loved one.

Speak slowly and clearly; take a deep breath, if you get nervous. Remember to keep a bottle of water handy, if you need to stop and take a sip.