What Is a Clever Way to Give a Compliment?

Consider using an app designed for giving compliments.
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Compliments make people feel good -- especially when they are sincere and given without the expectation of anything in return. If you want to be creative with your compliments, consider using unusual or unorthodox methods of offering praise. The person receiving the compliment will be impressed with the thought that went into your delivery -- and will probably remember the compliment longer.

1 Tear-Off Compliments

If there aren't enough compliments flowing in your household, consider making it easier for everyone to offer praise by creating a compliment tear-off sheet, similar to the sample offered by the Dating Divas. At the top of the sheet should be the words, "Free Compliments," and at the bottom a series of tear-off tabs with different compliments such as, "You inspire me," "You look really good today" or "You amaze me." When the mood strikes, tear off a compliment and give it to the person who amazes you, whether it's your parent, sibling or roommate.

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2 Use an App

If you would like to give a compliment using electronic communication, consider using the "Kindr" app, suggests Pamela Rutledge, director of the Media Psychology Research Center. The app provides a menu with compliment suggestions that you can send out to other app users. Even if you don't use Kindr, you can still send compliments by text, email, chat or on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Christie Matheson, author of "The Art of the Compliment: Using Kind Words With Grace and Style," notes that a Facebook compliment carries a lot of weight when given to a friend -- since all her other friends will also see it.

3 Use Sign Language

Learn some sign language so that you can give simple compliments such as "You are a good dancer" using just your hands. Once you have learned a few phrases, be sure to share your expertise with friends and family so that they know what you are signing -- and can join in. On Video Jug, sign language interpreter Paula shows how to sign the words, "You are beautiful," "You are a good singer" and "I like what you're wearing," among other compliments (see References).

4 Use a Foreign Language

Consider offering a compliment in a person's native language. You will need to learn a bit of Spanish, Italian or whatever language the other person speaks, but it will be worth the effort when you see the positive reaction from your friend. Learning a few basic words -- such as the Spanish words "bonita" (pretty) and "guapo" (handsome) -- is a good first step.

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