What Are the Duties of an Inclusion Teacher?

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An inclusion teacher is a special education teacher who works with inclusion students. Inclusion students are those students who have disabilities, but are able to function in the general education classroom. Inclusion teachers are usually state-licensed special education teachers who have completed an approved special education program. Inclusions teachers have the following duties.

1 Accommodate Inclusion Students

Inclusion teachers must accommodate special education students as indicated on their Individualized education plans (IEPs). Each student will need different accommodations according to his disability. Accommodations may include larger print for a visually impaired student, preferential seating or adaptive equipment.

2 Modify Assignments and Tests

Most special education inclusion students will need modified assignments. Modifications may include reducing the number of problems or items, limiting multiple choice answers and omitting certain items.

3 Collaborate With the Regular Education Teacher

Inclusion students in the general education classroom will have a regular education teacher as well as inclusion teacher. Both teachers are required to work together to meet the needs of the inclusion students. The inclusion teacher and regular education teacher should frequently discuss and assess the progress of the inclusion students.

4 Address Parental Concerns

The inclusion teacher should be prepared to address parental concerns. While not all parents will be as involved as others, the teacher should always be willing to discuss the inclusion student's progress with the parents.

5 Complete Required Paperwork

Inclusion teachers are responsible for writing annual IEPs and for initiated re-evaluations as mandated by state regulations. Inclusion teachers may also conduct alternate assessments of those students who are not able to participate in the customary curriculum tests administered annually.

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