Good Characteristics of a Student

Effective students normally have a desire to learn and grow.
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Students who get good grades and acquire knowledge during school often share core characteristics. They are self-motivated, organized, good communicators and curious. These qualities give them the motivation to attend class, take good notes and complete high-quality work. The traits that make a student successful often translate into better jobs, as well.

1 Self-Motivated

At the college level, students who succeed are normally self-motivated. They are in school because they choose to be, not necessarily because their parents expect them to be. Self-motivated students don't need as much hand-holding from instructors and peers to show up to class, listen and complete homework. They consistently come ready to learn, take good notes, study for tests and turn in work on time.

2 Organized

Students often balance school with work, family and personal time. To effectively navigate each area of life, you need good organizational skills. Good students commonly keep daily and weekly calendars that include days and times for tests, project deadlines as well as scheduled study time. Closely related, good students possess the discipline to generally stick to their schedules and avoid the regular calls from friends for parties and social outings.

3 Good Communicators

Effective one-on-one, small group and large group communication skills greatly enhance a student's opportunity for success. Dutiful students take the time to visit with instructors to develop rapport and ask about assignment or project questions. They also build connections with peers and other school staff. In classes, team activities are common, and students who can communicate well within a group learn more and perform better. Class presentations are assigned in some classes, as well, so public speaking skills are especially valuable.

4 Curious

In some cases, students earn good grades through a combination of intelligence and positive study habits. However, students with curious minds and a desire to grow personally often learn and retain more from their classes. Curious students get engaged in classes through listening, taking notes and sharing ideas. They also complete reading assignments, homework and projects with enthusiasm. Full commitment to classes and learning typically leads to better long-term benefits from the educational experience.

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