Spotify Won't Provide Any Audio

Without sound, Spotify becomes essentially unusable.
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Spotify puts new and familiar music at your fingertips -- provided it’s working properly. If you’re not hearing any music play, the likeliest culprit is your volume settings, whether on the computer or on external speakers, if you're using them. However, the problem may also lie with the Spotify program itself.

1 Volume

Check your computer’s volume and make sure it’s not too low for you to hear Spotify. If you’re using external speakers, make sure they’re turned on and configured properly. If you can hear other sounds but still nothing via Spotify, your Windows or speaker volume level isn’t the issue. Check the volume bar in Spotify. Even if you Windows volume and speakers are fine, you may have accidentally lowered the volume level within the Spotify app itself.

2 Windows Volume Mixer

Check to make sure Skype isn't muted in your Windows Volume Mixer. While Spotify is open and playing a song, switch your computer to Desktop mode, and then right-click the speaker icon and select the "Open Volume Mixer" option. Make sure the speaker icon under Spotify doesn't have an icon featuring a red circle with a line through it. If it does, click it to enable sound through Spotify. If there is no such symbol, make sure the volume level is equal to the volume level under "Speakers."

3 Sound Settings

You may not have your computer set up to properly play sounds. From your Desktop, right-click the speaker icon and select "Playback Devices." Ensure the speakers you're using have a green circle and check mark next to them under the "Playback" tab. If you're unsure which option to use, right-click one and select "Test." If you hear a sound play, they're the right speakers. Provided you don't see the green circle next to the correct speakers, right-click the icon and select "Set as Default Device."

4 Other Versions

Using the Windows program isn’t the only way to listen to Spotify. While it’s not a solution, you may be able to get your music fix through one of Spotify’s other versions. Aside from Windows and Mac programs, there are also Android and iPhone versions of the app. You can also try the Spotify Web Player on your computer -- access it by visiting Spotify's home page and selecting "Or Try Our Web Player" (see Resources). If you can hear the music there, but not through the actual Spotify program on your computer, the issue likely lies with the program.

5 Reinstall Spotify

If volume isn’t the issue, Spotify suggests uninstalling the Spotify program and reinstalling it as a last resort. Uninstall the program via the Control Panel’s “Uninstall a Program” window. Once you’ve uninstalled, visit Spotify’s download page to download and reinstall the program (see Resources).

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