Sometimes your Camtasia screen-cast will contain a lengthy section that is important but that your viewers don't need to watch in its entirety. Instead of cutting out unnecessary frames, Camtasia Studio gives you the option of retaining your full screen-cast while allowing viewers to zip through nonessential sections. Use Camtasia's "Clip Speed" tool to speed up or slow down specific clips within your video while the rest of it runs at normal speed.

Step 1

Launch Camtasia and load the screen-cast you want to speed up. If you want to work with the screen-cast session you just stopped, first click "Save and Edit," type a name for the project and then click "Save."

Step 2

Move the timeline playhead to the starting point of the clip you want to speed up.

Step 3

Click the green "In" point on the playhead, but don't release the left mouse button yet.

Step 4

While still holding the left mouse button down, drag the playhead to the frame you want the clip to end with and then release the mouse button.

Step 5

Click the "Split" button above the timeline. This isolates the part of the video you will speed up from the rest of the screen-cast.

Step 6

Click the "Edit" menu and then "Clip Speed."

Step 7

Type in the percentage speed increase for the clip. For example, if you wanted to speed it up by 25 percent, type "125" in the spin box. If you want to double its speed, type "200" instead.

Step 8

Click "OK" to accept your speed change.

Step 9

Click the "Produce and Share" button, click "Next" and then type a name for your video.

Step 10

Click "Finish" to start the rendering process and save your work as a video file.