How to Convert VOB Files Over One Gigabyte to WMV

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Video Object (VOB) files are the native video container format used on DVDs. Windows Media Video (WMV) files are one of the video container formats supported by Windows Media Player and several other applications. Converting between the two formats is routine, and there are dozens of utilities that can do it. Early versions of these programs would run into problems with very large VOB files, and would fail on the conversion part way through. This conversion limitation was the result of maximum file size limitations in Windows 95 and other 16-bit operating systems. Current conversion utilities, as of February 2014, no longer have this problem.

1 Using A Web Conversion Utility

2 Open a Web browser

Open a Web browser and navigate to VOB to WMV (see Resources).

3 Click the button

Click the button to choose the VOB file to convert and select the output format.

4 Enter your email address

Enter your email address, then click "Convert." You'll get a download link in your email inbox.

5 Using Freemake Video Converter

6 Download and install Freemake Video Converter

Download and install Freemake Video Converter.

7 Click

Click on the "+ Video" icon and select the VOB files for conversion.

8 Choose the WMV format from the converter panel

Choose the WMV format from the converter panel.

9 Adjust the video

Adjust the video and audio quality settings as desired; usually when you're converting to WMV files, you're trying to shrink file sizes; reducing screen resolution is one way to do this.

10 Click Convert .''

Click "Convert."

11 Using Convert VOB to AVI Freeware

12 Download and install Convert VOB

Download and install Convert VOB to AVI.

13 Enter the path and filename

Enter the path and filename for the VOB file to convert. You can click the "Open" button to navigate to the file.

14 Click WMV from the available conversion options

Click "WMV" from the available conversion options.

15 Click Convert

Click "Convert."

  • Video format conversion can be a lengthy process. Make sure you have your laptop plugged in and have disabled sleep mode, especially when converting files in excess of 1GB.

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